Travel Guide: Taking a Drone abroad

Most of the travelers come to the capitals of Western countries (Paris, Prague, London, Berlin, Budapest, Bucharest, Amsterdam, etc.). In addition to the prohibition of flying because it is a city, All the government buildings are nearby, and therefore, even more so - it is forbidden to fly!
A man has already spent a night in custody in Paris + confiscation of a drone+ criminal case + "get on the next flight home!" - You do not want it on your head during vacation (fines - up to 50 thousand euros, some places up to about 200 thousand euros!).

Recommended application - AirMap - Reliable information on prohibited areas for real-time flight is free and without annoying advertising: Android users - Click here Apple users - Click here

Countries where it is forbidden to fly or there are restrictions on flying from another country have nothing to take the drone for them.

Always use the GPS - Always know where your drone is

We always advise you to know where your Drone is. Because you are flying in new places that you do not know and do not know exactly, you should use GPS technology to know at any given moment where your drone.

Travelling with Drones? Here is the checklist before you go to travel abroad with your drone