Azerbaijan Drone Laws

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November 21, 2018
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AZERBAIJAN drone rules

As per Azerbaijan’s national aeronautics specialist, the State Common Flying Expert of Azerbaijan (CAA), flying an automaton is lawful in Azerbaijan, yet we suggest monitoring and agreeable with the automaton controls recorded beneath before doing as such.

In the event that you’d jump at the chance to contact the CAA straightforwardly before you travel with any inquiries you may have, here is their contact data: 12 598 51 91

In Azerbaijan, unmanned flight frameworks have indistinguishable security measures from kept an eye on flying items on a basic level. The controls set over here are resolved for business ramble pilots. I have not discovered the versions for private clients yet.

Greatest flight elevation: drones can ascend to a most extreme tallness of 120 meters (= 400 feet) in Azerbaijan.

Greatest even separation and FPV: on a basic level, Multicopters ought to dependably be in sight of the pilot amid the flight, however the most extreme allowed remove is 500 meters (= 1700 feet). Flights outside these breaking points are conceivable. In any case, your automaton requires such moves a Recognize and Maintain a strategic distance from framework to dodge crashes noticeable all around. The exemplary FPV hardware isn’t perceived accordingly.

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Obligatory protection: Private drones just must be safeguarded from a take-off weight of 20 kilograms. In any case, the commitment to finish up a flight risk protection exists for every single business client. We have gathered more data about automaton protections here.

Most extreme take-off weight (MTOW): At present, three gatherings of copters are recorded in Azerbaijan, which is delegated pursues:

Little Unmanned Flying machine up to 20 kilograms

Light UAS with in excess of 20 kilograms and under 150 kilograms

UAS with in excess of 150 kilograms of beginning mass

There is an enlistment necessity for the classifications Light UAS and UAS at the State Common Aeronautics Organization of the Republic of Azerbaijan (SCAA).

Separation to air terminals: No data found.

Other safe separations: drones will not approach urban areas and settlements closer than 150 meters. A separation of 50 meters must be considered to people, vehicles and different structures which are not engaged with the flight. This separation might be diminished to 30 meters amid the take-off and landing.

Directions for business pilots: Business pilots require a working license in each weight class. You likewise need to demonstrate your capabilities as a pilot. At present, there are no unique licenses, so a breakdown of your encounters ought to be adequate.

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Why fly an automaton in Azerbaijan? To get elevated shots of delightful spots this way!

General Standards for Flying an drone in Azerbaijan

In light of our examination and translation of the laws, here are the most imperative principles to know for flying an automaton in Azerbaijan.

Automatons are restricted from working in any aerodrome/airplane terminal activity zone, aside from with the consent of either the suitable ATC unit or the individual responsible for the aerodrome/air terminal.

Automatons may not fly more than 400 feet over the ground level.

Automaton pilots must keep up a direct visual viewable pathway with their automatons while flying.

Automatons may not be worked inside 150 meters (492 feet) of any blocked zone of a city, town, or settlement.

Automatons may not be worked inside 50 meters (164 feet) of any individual, vessel, vehicle, or structure.

Amid take-off or finding the UAV must not be flown inside 30 meters (98 feet) of any individual, except if that individual is a piece of the drone activity.

For more data on Azerbaijan’s drone laws, see this page on the CAA site.