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You want to know the Colombian Drone Regulations?  what is the “Colombia Drone Laws”? Here is the full information about drones in Colombia

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Colombia Drone Laws

An accredited course is required, which is recognized by the aviation authority in Colombia and must be in contact with the control tower in the nearest field (due to the use of drug cartels, etc.).

Fascinating principles to note:

  • Over the four nations we have researched up until now (Mexico, Argentina, Chile), Colombia seems to have the most broad manage set.
  • For one, much similarly of U.S., Colombia now requires drone registration.
  • There are different classes: Leisure/Recreational, Commercial and all the more curiously; Sports or Competitive.
  • The ruleset licenses flying stuffed territories or potential protection covers if the flight’s motivation is compassionate or in general society intrigue.
  • You can fly up to 500ft (152m) AGL with no extra consents required and to a tremendous separation of 750m from the administrator.
  • In the event that an eyewitness utilized, consents might be conceded for flights up to 1500meters from the administrator.
  • Your drone must have safeguard modes and have an arrival to-home capacity.