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Taking a drone to Kenya? What You must know about Kenya Drone Laws?

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Kenya with drone

Registration must be registered and approved for flying drones from the Ministry of Defense of Kenya!
You can find out by email from the Kenya Aviation Authority:
After you have a permit from the Department of Defense, you are required to obtain an area that is permitted to fly from the Civil Aviation Authority (at the above email address).

Only with the approval of the Ministry of Defense is it permitted to insert a drone into the country.
Flying over people and inside the city is forbidden.
People’s privacy should be respected and not harmed when flying and shooting.
It is forbidden to fly near airports (not specified distance, recommended at least 5 km).
Fly only in daylight and only when the weather allows for safe flight.
Flying in the safari / nature reserve areas is prohibited (you can request specific written approval at the entrance to the reserve, without this – 3 months imprisonment for those who violate the law).
It is important to note that to date, no tourist has received a permit from the Ministry of Defense.