Drone Laws in Ireland

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Drone ireland regulations – What do you need to do for let your drone fly in Irland?

It is permitted to fly but must register and receive a “tail number” on the website of the Irish authorities

As of December 21, 2016, a new regulation has been introduced in Ireland which requires the registration of a small skimmer over 1 kg and under 25 kg (mirror weight, battery, camera and all equipment on the skimmer when in air).
Riders over 25 kg are required to register as a large unmanned aerial vehicle.
This does not require beyond the registration of anything beyond, except that you have read the safety instructions and conditions for flying a skimmer in Ireland.

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Flying a Drone in Ireland

What do I need to register? DO I NEED A Drone licence In Ireland?

Registration is through the website of the Irish Civil Aviation Authority. The entire procedure is done in English and therefore basic English is required for registration.
In addition, an international credit card is required, the registration fee is 5 Euros (about 21 NIS) and the registration is valid for two years.

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