Ultimate Beginners Guide to Flying Drones for the first time

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October 4, 2017
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October 21, 2017

You are a new drone pilot?  Here is a Beginners Guide for Flying Drone for the first time! good luck from us!

• Fly, try all the flight directions close to you, try to combine the two steaks
• Practice control of the Gimbel (shoot when aiming forward or down)
Or by tilting the laptop or through the screen itself, choose what is convenient for you.
• Try to fly up and down at one time, alternately down and down. Try to surround
Object on the ground and keep the direction of the camera.
• Try the different shooting modes:
Normal photo
Multi – shot
– AEB mode (different exposure modes for later editing)
– Photo with timer.
– Pan (vertical or horizontal)
• Last step, try the different modes of flight built into the software.

flying a drone

flying a drone