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Italy drone laws – You need to know the “Italy regulations about drones” before you enter with your drone into the country and places like Rome, Milan, Verona, Venice, The Dolomites and more 

Maximum height – 70 meters from the ground.
Maximum distance – distance of sight or 200 meters – the shorter of the two.
Minimum distance from airport / helipad – 5 km or outside air control area (fields like Milan / Rome – 10-11 km to exit the control area, it is recommended to check with a suitable application).
It is forbidden to fly in cities / villages / towns.
It is forbidden to fly over people.

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Flying in national parks is prohibited.
It is forbidden to fly over national infrastructures (power stations, etc.) and main roads.
It is forbidden to fly over private territory without the permission of the owner of the land.
It is forbidden to fly over industrial areas and factories.
Avoid flying and photographing near military bases and ports with ships or military equipment / headquarters.