Croatia Drone Laws

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October 2, 2017
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October 3, 2017

Croatia Drone Laws (although in the European Union but not exactly with them in the laws).

An aerial photography application must be submitted at least 15 days prior to the flight, with a route, photographed objects, photography parameters, etc. This is a bureaucracy that entered in 2016 and apparently its role is to prevent private individuals from flying.
The penalty for those who do not have a permit to fly and photograph is about 25 thousand buyers (about 3000 euros).

What do you need to do for fly a drone in Croatia?

take flight permit – fill one record

Enter your airplane in database one record with

– Aircraft sort

– Manufacturer

– Firmware

– Personal data of proprietor

– Insurance approach (yet nobody knows on how much cash)


1 – No Rural regions, lakes, see, fields and fields, woods, No building, no individuals (no occupants)

2 – some country, working without any inhabitants,

3 – country regions like towns or city outskirts with business, living, recreational territories

4 – Rural ranges downtown areas, and exceptionally populates regions

class of air ships

1 – under 5 kg

2 – in the vicinity of 5 and 25

3 – in the vicinity of 25 and 100 kg

sorts of authorization

An and B – simply your affirmation that you know to flight with air ship

C – operation manual al flight design ?? I don’t realize what it mean

D – psychophysics affirmation and authentication from CRO AFA

With Calass 1 ( under 5 kgs) you can fligh in 1 and 2 zones with An authorization

3 zone with C consent

4 zone with D consent

With Class 2 (5-25 kgs) Zone 1 with A, Zone 2 with B, Zone 3 with C, and zone 4 with D

With class 3 (25-100kgs) Zone 1 with B, Zone 2 with C, And zones 3 and 4 with D.

Additionally NO FLIGHT through night time frame !!!!

No FLIGHT under 30 meters from individuals

Or, on the other hand FLIGHT from less then 150meters from gathering of individuals.

No regulative for flight inside building (doltish)

Last Information.

Two Slovenian folks paid 5000 kunas (667 Euros) punishment for flight over Zagreb (December Advent occasion)