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September 30, 2017
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What is the The regulations of flying drones in Greece?

Greece Drone Laws – New regulation requires registration at Greek airport: Click here

  • A maximum distance of 500 meters or a visual limit (which is closer to the operator).
  • It is forbidden to fly from 30 minutes before sunset until 30 minutes after sunrise.
  • 8 km minimum from airport regardless of size.
  • Please note that you do not fly near a military base or government facility.
  • Maximum height of 120 meters from the ground.
  • All the rest – like the rest of the laws in the EU union
  • The fine was also updated to about 250,000 euros for the exception.
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Most extreme flight height: You can not fly higher than 120 meters.

Most extreme flat separation and FPV: Your Drone can be a greatest of 500 meters far from you and you should dependably keep visual contact with the automaton. Any individual who contends against the experts amid a watch that they see the live picture of where the automaton flies and what they do (First-Person-View) is promptly delegated a business pilot and needs an uncommon approval from the Greek Aeronautical Authority.

Mandatory protection: Provably, there must be a protection for the automaton. You ought to likewise take the confirmation of protection in a made an interpretation of rendition to Greece. This can impressively rearrange the passage or investigation amid a check.

Most extreme take-off weight (MTOW): before, an aggregate take-off mass of up to 7 kg was utilized for demonstrate airplane. Shockingly, I can not state right now which impact the new principles from 2017 have.

Separation to airplane terminals: You need to keep a separation of 8 kilometers to air terminals. This implies you can not fly on any Greek island that claims an airplane terminal, on the grounds that numerous islands are very little. Special cases are conceivable with a composed approval from the Greek aeronautical expert.

Other safe separations: Do not fly over individuals and keep no less than 50 meters of security remove (for instance at demos, occasions) – with the exception of authorization.

Flight bans: Flight bans apply over army bases, healing centers, detainment facilities and other government offices.

Flight endorsement: Owners of land (likewise of inns) must consent to a begin on their property. The identity rights must be watched. Flights to nature saves are liable to earlier endorsement. For flights over archeological locales and establishments, a consent must be gotten from the Ministry of Culture. The Greeks are extremely strict!

Time of operations: Drones flights are permitted just in light. In particular, this implies in Greece that you can begin no less than 30 minutes after dawn. From 30 min before dusk there is a night flight boycott. Endorsements for night flights must be affirmed independently.

Particular controls: If a pilot seeks case from Germany, the German automaton laws apply to him here additionally in Greece and, also, the Greek guidelines. Any individual who abuses the automaton laws can expect a punishment extending from 500 to 250.000 euros.

Controls for business pilots: Commercial pilots require composed approval from the aeronautical specialist for nearly everything. There are contact points of interest for the endorsement on the CAA site.

Great to know: You ought to totally consent to the Greek controls. In practically every city or territory in Greece there is a police season with prepared flying creatures of prey, which are worked in bringing rambles from the sky. Obviously, this is planned to battle fear based oppression, however you never know.