Switzerland drone regulations

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Greece drone regulation
October 1, 2017
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October 1, 2017

Flying a drone in Switzerland while your travel? Know the “Switzerland drone laws”

Switzerland permits Drones fairly adaptable with some particular standards and some no flight zones. above all is that automatons more than 0.5KG in weight require Insurance.

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switzerland drone laws

Any Drone from 300 grams or more should have third party insurance in case it causes damage.

A Drone over 500 grams needs insurance that can cover damage up to CHF 1 million.
Flying height – up to 100 meters. Fly only at sight.
Minimum 5 km from any field or helipad.

It is forbidden to fly in the area of settlement or residence
Flying in nature reserves is prohibited (Naturschutz).

Map of prohibited areas for flight in switzerland :