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October 1, 2017
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Travel to Thailand (Bangkok, phuket, Ko Phi Phi and more…) with your drone? You must know the “Thailand Drone Laws”. 

Thailand drone regulations – All that you need to know!

Any Drone, which carries a camera must be recorded regardless of drone weight:
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Maximum altitude for flying – 90 meters from the ground.
Minimum distance from airport – 9 km.
Do not fly over people, buildings and vehicles, minimum horizontal distance – 30 meters.
Do not fly over cities / villages / towns, stay away from hospitals and government offices / facilities.
You must request an area from the landowner from which you take off and land (if required).
The sign must always be in the hands of the pilot and must not be flown autonomously by the camera.
A quote from the authorities’ website: “Anyone who violates the regulations is liable to a penalty of one year or 40,000 baht, and it is possible that both a fine and a prison sentence”

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Thailand drone law


Thailand Drone Laws

There has been discussion in Thailand for quite a long time of a law prohibiting all drones being actualized. Because of this circumstance additional alert ought to be practiced when flying your drone in Thailand

Current directions just disallow rambles from flying over army bases, royal residences, and stops in Bangkok

A substantial work allow is required for any drone utilize that is business in nature

You ought to keep up visual contact with your drone consistently

Keep your drone far from air terminals, delicate regions and confined airspace

Regard the protection of others and abstain from flying over individuals or stuffed zones

Flying drones in Thailand | Thailand Drone regulations

Most extreme flight elevation: In Thailand, rambles are permitted to climb a greatest of 90 meters (=300 feet).

Greatest flat separation and FPV: Your drone must be dependably in locate.

Mandatory protection: Drone protection is obligatory in Thailand. The protection must cover harms of no less than one million baht (around 27,000 euro).

Most extreme take-off weight (MTOW): If you need to fly secretly and no camera is mounted on your drone , a greatest take-off weight of 2 kilograms applies to your multicopter. For a higher weight, you require the endorsement of the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT). From a beginning weight of 25 kilograms you require a different endorsement from the Ministry of Transport.

Separation to air terminals: You need to stay 9 kilometers (= 5 miles) far from airplane terminals.

Other safe separations: You may approach a most extreme of 30 meters of individuals, vehicles and structures. The endorsed remove is 50 meters for affirmed rambles.

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Drone thailand

Flight bans: You should not fly close group. It isn’t permitted to fly over urban communities and towns.

Flight endorsement: You should dependably acquire the consent of the landowner to begin and land. Practically speaking, we for the most part fathom this such that we approach the watchmen for authorization or illuminate us at the data counters.

Time of operations: Drone flights are permitted in Thailand just in sunlight, so in the time amongst dawn and dusk.

Particular directions: In Thailand, a base age of 18 is required to control a multicopter.

Controls for business pilots: Commercial pilots require authorization for their flight moves.

Flights in Chiang Mai must be for the most part affirmed by the aviation authority, on the grounds that the air terminal is so near the city.