October 2, 2017
Drone flying in Cyprus

Cyprus drone laws

You will travel abroad with your drone to Cyprus? You must know the “Republic of Cyprus Drone Laws” Registration is required for drones up to 3 […]
October 2, 2017
Iceland Drone Laws

Flying a drone in Iceland

What is the Drone Rules in Iceland? You need to know the “Iceland Drone Laws” for flying a drone in Iceland Must be kept 2 km from […]
October 1, 2017
Drone Laws in Romania

European drone laws

Flying Drones in Europe (European drone laws – regulations for drones in countries located in Europe)  France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Ireland, Denmark, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, […]
October 1, 2017
switzerland drone rules

Switzerland drone regulations

Flying a drone in Switzerland while your travel? Know the “Switzerland drone laws” Switzerland permits Drones fairly adaptable with some particular standards and some no flight […]
October 1, 2017
Drone Regulations in Greece

Greece drone regulation

What is the The regulations of flying drones in Greece? Greece Drone Laws – New regulation requires registration at Greek airport: Click here A maximum distance of […]
September 29, 2017
bucharest drone

drone in Romania? laws on flying drones in Bucharest

You want to know the rules for drones in Romania? You want to know the “Romania drone regulation”? here is the details for flying drones in Bucharest – Romania You […]
September 28, 2017
travel abroad to ireland with a drone

Drone Laws in Ireland

Drone ireland regulations – What do you need to do for let your drone fly in Irland? It is permitted to fly but must register and […]
September 28, 2017
malta drone

Drone laws in Malta? Is it permissible to take a drone to Malta?

drones in Malta? Is it permissible to bring a drone into Malta and fly it? The answer, unfortunately, is no – it is forbidden to FLY with a drone […]
September 28, 2017
Flying in Austria with a drone

Austria – Flying in Austria with a drone

Drone Rules in Austria? YOU MUST read this tips before you travel with a drone to Austria Austria – requires a certificate of knowledge of the […]