Cyprus drone laws

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October 2, 2017
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October 2, 2017

You will travel abroad with your drone to Cyprus? You must know the “Republic of Cyprus Drone Laws”

Registration is required for drones up to 3 kg but no more than for fun / sports.
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Flight Rules and Drone regulation in Cyprus

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Drone Laws in Cyprus

Maximum height from the surface or from the sea – 50 meters.
Maximum distance or 500 meters (the shorter of the two).
Do not fly over people.
Minimum distance from residential area / locality – 1 km.
Minimum airport (aircraft) – 8 km from each field.
Minimum airport (helipad) – 3 km.
A minimum from an area with people (other than a town) or from an isolated building – 500 meters.
It is forbidden to photograph military and police forces, military and police bases, and anything related to them (vehicles, ships, etc.), as well as national infrastructures (power stations, fuel depots, etc.).
Flying only in daylight.